Call for Papers

Trends in Contemporary Scientific Research (TCSR) is an open access and blind peer-reviewed periodical dedicated to the propagation and elucidation of scholarly research results. The
main objective of Trends in Contemporary Scientific Research (TCSR) is to provide an intellectual platform for the international scholars and to promote multidisciplinary research.

Trends in Contemporary Scientific Research (TCSR) is inviting papers for the Volume 1, Issue 1 of the journal. Please submit your manuscript directly to the editor at or or submit from our online submission process at

Recruitment of Reviewers

Trends in Contemporary Scientific Research (TCSR) is a peer reviewed journal. The editorial board is recruiting reviewers for the journal. Please note that it is a voluntary activity and hence no financial remuneration will be given to the reviewers. The language of the work is English. The medium of the work is internet. Reviewer’s name and affiliation will be listed on the journal’s webpage. If you are interested to be a reviewer, fill up the prescribed application form and send it to the editor at or

TCSR welcomes scientists and researchers to participate as peer reviewers of articles that cover economics, business, social sciences, humanities, and sciences. The peer review process is important because it guarantees the high quality of articles published, which in turn assures the success of Redfame Publishing.


Job Description:

Peer reviewers are internet-based; part time volunteers whose working language is English. Their main tasks are to read and then recommend whether a manuscript should be accepted as is, accepted with revision, or outright rejected. To that end, peer reviewers will be asked to provide detailed, constructive comments that are substantiated by references where possible and that will help the editors in their publication decisions and with their author interactions. Reviewers must also be on alert for any issues relating to author misconduct, such as plagiarism, and report these to the editors.

This is a voluntary job. While we do not offer salaries to volunteers, your name will be listed on the journal’s webpage.


The Benefits of Being a Peer Reviewer include:

Developing professional opportunities and contacts,

Increasing evaluation skills,

Being the first to see new materials,

Listing as an Editorial Board member in the print journal and on its website,

Bolstering of resume for promotion and/or tenure,

Assisting TCSR in providing high quality work.


Eligibility and Requirements for Peer Reviewers:



·         Doctoral degree or above,

·         Academic job at university or organization,

·         Fluency in English (academic and professional),

·         Strong interest and expertise in scholarly journals,

·         Speed and accuracy.

·         Reviewers are required to follow the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)’s COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers.